Top 15 interesting facts you must know about Facebook

Here are 15 surprising things about Facebook that you may not know

The social networking giant, Facebook has a lot of surprising things that one may not know. However, it would be interesting to know some things about Facebook that are disclosed below.

1. Al Pacino was Facebook’s first face

It is impossible to believe that the first face on Facebook was that of Al Pacino. Until 2007, it was assumed for some reason that the face of Facebook was that of Mark Zuckerberg. But as Al Placino was dumb, people have assumed that the logo of the first face created by Zuckerberg and his friend Andrew McCollum.

Here are 15 surprising things about Facebook that you may not know

2. Everyday 600,000 attempts are made to hack Facebook accounts

Hackers mostly try to hack the account of the member’s friends to try and sell fake goods. Another reason is to update your friend’s status to say “I’M A HUGE POOPHEAD” and many more.

3. 64% of Facebook users visit the site on a daily basis

The daily visitors on Facebook are around 64% of the one billion+ subscribers Facebook has, according to Pew Study held in 2014. Thats a whopping 640 million plus visitors throughout the day. However, this ratio was 51% in 2010.

4. Facebook named as a factor in one of three divorces

According to a survey of Divorce-Online, which is a service run by a British legal organization states that Facebook was reduced to a third of all divorce filings last year. The reason provided is that social networking makes it’s easier to better the relations and improves communication that will increase the number of your loved ones.

5. Facebook is accessed by more than 1 billion people monthly on a mobile devices

The Earth’s population is 7 billion, as compared to people who access Facebook on a mobile device on a monthly basis is more than 1 billion. This makes it about 1/7 th of the people on Earth. The monthly users of Facebook are more than 1.28 billion, in comparison to India’s population that is 1.24 billion.

6. People have gotten shot at for unfriending on Facebook

A couple who had unfriended a 30 year old woman on the social network was fatally shot by her father, a Tennessee man in 2012.

7. Facebook tracks sites visited by users even after logging out

Using its widgets such as the Like button, Facebook started tracking users across the Internet in 2014, which is the only one step in the company’s long history of privacy.

8. Get Inbox mail for a fee

You can message people for a few, which will directly go into the inbox. As a result, the annoying “Other” folder can be skipped that no one ever checks.

9. Facebook visitors can give remarks on the experience after using it

It is surprising to know that one in three Facebook users have reported that they have felt worse after visiting the site.

10. Do you know why Facebook is blue in color

As Zuckerberg suffers from red-green color blindness, he chose blue color as he can see that color clearly. In 2010, he told a New Yorker reporter, Jose Antonio Vargas that blue is the richest color for him as he can see all of blue color.

11. There will be more number of dead people than living ones on Facebook someday

The number of Facebook users keep increasing every day. Due to this, there would probably be a time somewhere either in the 2060s or the 2130s, where there would be more people who would have used Facebook rather the users that are alive.

12. Get automatically directed to Mark Zuckerberg’s wall by adding 1/4 to the end of Facebook’s URL

Sometime in either the 2060s or the 2130s, adding of 5 or 6 at the end of the URL, will take you to the respective profiles of Chris Hughes and Dustin Moskovitz, who are Facebook co-founders and Mark’s former college roommates. Also, by adding 7 to the web address would take you to the profile of Arie Hasit, another good friend of Zuckerberg from his days at Harvard.

13. Facebook pages are being used by prostitutes

It is claimed that 83% of prostitutes have Facebook pages, as it is easy to make friends by chatting, says a 2011 study at Columbia University. It helps them to increase their list of friends as well as prospective customers.

14. The average of adult Facebook users has 338 friends

Average Facebook users have around 338 friends on their friend list, according to a 2014 Pew study.

15. What is the meaning of a ‘poke’

The meaning of “Poke” in facebook remains unknown and not answerable. Is it just a simply “hi” or flirting or what is the point? It is not disclosed. Officially, Facebook has never chosen to answer this question. Since, it is unclear, people use it as per their understanding. For instance, you can take it as a voice to make someone know that your are online and waiting for a response.

Do let us know if you have found out any such surprise while using Facebook in the comments section below.

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