New and Improved Ubuntu Snappy Core 15.04 Raspberry Pi 2 Image Released

Canonical’s Oliver Grawert announced the release of the new and improved Raspberry Pi 2 image of the Ubuntu Snappy Core 15.04 operating system.   Being based on the latest Linux 4.2 kernel, the Ubuntu Snappy Core 15.04 Raspberry Pi 2 image is now available for download to all Raspberry Pi 2 users.

Ubuntu Snappy Core 15.04  has received internal modifications in order to work perfectly with Linux kernel 4.2, and it uses the linux-raspi2 package that was shipped by the Ubuntu Kernel team recently on the official Ubuntu software repositories.

The all new Ubuntu Snappy Core 15.04 boasts of several new features including a port that now has a fully supported Linux kernel package. Among the most important ones, are the new I2C and SPI (Serial Peripheral Interface) communication protocols, as well as the enablement of general-purpose input/output (GPIO) access by default. The new Raspberry Pi 2 image for Canonical’s latest Ubuntu Snappy Core 15.04 (Vivid Vervet) operating system is now capable of handling DTB overlays, which is a very essential feature for the enablement of support for PWM, sound output, and much more. There’s also support for a vast array of devices, thanks to the addition of the full linux-firmware Ubuntu package.

“I’m happy to announce that the new and improved RPi2 image is now also ready for use,” says Oliver Grawert. “The device parts have been switched to use a 4.2 kernel now, kudos to the Ubuntu Kernel team for the hard work to get the linux raspi2 package into the Ubuntu archive so we could base on it.”

Last but not least, the Ubuntu Snappy Core 15.04 Raspberry Pi 2 image comes now with initial support for the system-image server, which users will be able to test drive right now by manually build (detailed instructions are available in the announcement) an image using the ubuntu-device-flash utility.

The next major release of the Ubuntu Snappy Core Raspberry Pi 2 image will offer full support for system-image server.

You can download the Ubuntu Snappy Core Raspberry Pi 2  here.