Anonymous target Thailand’s Telecom website, leak secret Thai government agenda

The hacktivist collective, Anonymous have declared cyberwar on the Thai government Thursday over its policy to consolidate a single internet gateway. The main target of the attack was CAT Telecom Pcl which is a state-owned company and has been designated by Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha and the cabinet to control the future gateway.

Early Friday, Twitter accounts apparently operated by Anonymous members showed parts of what it said were thousands of CAT customer accounts, including logins, passwords and personal IDs including Thai government ID names and numbers.

Anonymous target Thailand's Telecom website, leak secret Thai government agenda

The CAT website was taken off the internet for several hours late Thursday. CAT’s home page,, was back online early Friday.

However, the biggest takeaway from the hack attack according to Anonymous was the release of previously undisclosed details about the single gateway plan.

The statement has been tweeted by regular anonymous accounts @anonymousasia and @latestanonnews and was released in the wee hours of last night.

“The latest project of the Thai military government is to deploy a single gateway in order to control, intercept and arrest any persons not willing to follow the Junta orders and your so called moral,” read the statement.

Anonymous had launched “Operation Single Gateway” targeting the Thai government to protest against the Thai military regime’s plan to tighten control of the internet.Two twitter accounts @anonymouseasia and @LatestAnonNews tweeted the statement of their activities to ##OpSingleGateway with hashtag #Anonymous with the link of the full statement

News of the proposal for a single gateway emerged last month in a leaked cabinet document. One of the aims of the “Great Firewall of Thailand”, as critics dubbed it, would be to help authorities curb “inappropriate”as critics dubbed it, would be to help authorities curb “inappropriate” content including lese majeste. The public, the IT industry and businesses condemned the plan, saying that not only would it curb freedom of speech but also that it would lead to slower internet services, higher costs and economic losses.

Meanwhile, Thailand’s Prime Minister, Gen Prayut Chan-o-cha Fridday instructed Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Ministry to tighten security of government’s computer system and websites to fend off attacks by a group of hackers ICT Minister Uttama Savanyana posted on his Twitter page.


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