Canadian military hiring hackers to hack its vehicles

The Canadian Military Will Pay You $635,000 to Successfully Hack Its Vehicles

Canada’s military department want to pay hackers $635,000 to hack its vehicles. The Department of National Defence has floated tenders to hire a hacker to hack into its vehicles.

In the tender floated here, the department says interested parties can quote to find weaknesses in its vehicles and trucks. After the recent concerns over car hacking after a reporter was able to hack the Jeep, car hacking seems to have become the latest buzz word.

The Canadian military contract will have a hacker analyze the systems of a 2015 light-duty pick-up truck — they’re not releasing specifics on the truck to be hacked. They then must figure out where the vulnerabilities are, and demonstrate how they can be hacked.

A 2014 vehicle can have up to 100 computers on on board, running 60 million lines of code and exchanging 25 gigabytes of data every hour, according to the tender.

Payment for the main work tasks is about $158,000 ($205,000 Canadian), with another $477,000 ($820,000 Canadian) possibly available for additional work as required and requested. Those extra tasks might include developing software to mitigate the potential for hacking.

The work will be completed Defence Research and Development Canada Valcartier Research Centre in Quebec City, with the vehicle and software supplied by the Department of National Defence.

“Cyber-attacks on information technologies like personal computers and servers usually result mostly in immaterial damages like the loss, the alteration or the theft of information or money, and the disruption of operation,” according to the [. “In the case of vehicular systems, cyber-attacks are a more important concern since the safety of their users or the other users on the road might be at stake.”

The tenders are to be opened on 27th October, so if you are interested you can visit here.


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