Google’s Project Flux Time Traveling Plans are “Leaked” by Google

Google has a lot of plans for the future, and thanks to an accidental leak by Google, the project that Google is working on (called Project Flux) has now made its way online. Google’s plan to work on time travel.

Yes, this is a gag, the Flux is the thing that lets a DeLorean DMC-12 travel from October 26th, 1985 to October 21st, 2015 when going 88mph (as in, oh yeah, that’s what happens in Back to the Future Part 2) .. Since it is Back to the Future day today and Google’s “leak” is pretty damn transparent and obvious.

It is very detailed as well. In the “leaked” documents, Google explains how their technology called “a proprietary chronocompression technology to instantly transport the user to a place and time of their choosing.”

Google claims they have already performed extensive testing with Project Flux and have logged over 3,306 years to date. No wonder they have managed to stay ahead of the curve all these years!

Google also goes ahead and warns users about unsafe time travel, stating:

“Unsafe travel with Flux can have serious repercussions on future events, up to and including erasure from existence. To understand causes of post-future disruption all tests were performed double-blind in which two or more users travel to the same space time to make specific interventions (or none). Present observers were positioned to evaluate any changes and abort travel if necessary.”

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