Here’s How You Can Enable HTTPS Support Added for Blogger By Google

Google adds HTTPS to Blogger domains; custom domains cant use it

Google first added HTTPS support for its products seven years ago. The search giant has now moved over to Blogger or Blogspot.

HTTPS Everywhere campaign, which in the past has added HTTPS support for Google’s search engine, Gmail, Calendar, Drive, and most recently, AdWords, will now be adding HTTPS support for the blogging platform, as a part of the campaign.

This step has been taken by the company to mainly protect users living in countries with tight censorship laws. HTTPS would also allow bloggers to write content without being blocked by ISPs, and no tampering with their communication.

The Bloggers readers too are protected by Google with the help of HTTPS, the protocol that stops the traffic from being redirected outside sources that are not authorized and injected with malicious code or other malware.

All the users would not be offered the option to change to HTTPS at the same time, the current option is only opt-in. However, you can just follow these simple steps below, if you want to enable it:

Step 1: Log into your Blogger account.
Step 2: Click the blog you want to add HTTPS support to.
Step 3: Go to your “Settings” section.
Step 4: Find the “HTTPS settings” option and choose “Yes” from the drop-down that’s shown next to “HTTPS Availability.” It’s done.

Google adds HTTPS to Blogger domains; custom domains cant use it

As Google explains, it is unfortunate that blogs that run on a custom domain are not supported in this first version, and some templates and blog gadgets may encounter “mixed content errors.”

However for some strange reason, bloggers who have a custom domain connected to blogspot cannot enable the HTTPS. Google has not commented on why this distinction has been made.

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