“More stunning than I expected”, posts Zuckerberg on Facebook after visiting Taj Mahal

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg love for India is well known. He visited Taj Mahal on Tuesday and was stunned by its beauty.

Posting a picture of him in which he was sitting on the east side of Taj Mahal watching the monument of love, Mr. Zuckerberg wrote on his Facebook page that: “I am in India for our Townhall Q&A tomorrow, and I decided to visit the Taj Mahal. I have always wanted to see this.”

“It is even more stunning than I expected. It’s incredible what people can build — and what love can motivate us to build,” the tech giant further wrote in the Facebook post which was liked by over 4.5 lakh Facebook users within two hours of writing it.

In reaction to Mr. Zuckerberg’s facebook post, the Twitter handle of Taj Mahal @TajMahal tweeted, “Welcome, Mark Zuckerberg. Your Facebook also helps spread love in a big way. Keep it going.”

Interestingly, the Archeological Survey of India officials who are responsible for the upkeep of Taj did not know about Mr. Zuckerberg’s visit.

“Frankly, we had no idea about Zuckerberg’s visit because we were not informed. In all likelihood, he may have wanted to keep the visit low profile to avoid unnecessary attention. And that is why the ASI officials were not informed,” said a senior ASI official to The Hindu.

The billionaire will visit IIT Delhi on Wednesday to interact with its faculty and students in a town hall.