Microsoft Recommends Ubuntu as the Most Popular Linux for Cloud

Ever since the new CEO, Satya Nadella, has taken the place of the Linux-hater Steve Balmer, the change in Microsoft’s rhetoric regarding Linux has been clear. Now, Microsoft is officially recommending Linux on Twitter.

While the company is not trying to be the best at everything, Microsoft policy is now a little bit more focused. It looks like that they want to admit that when it comes to cloud environments Ubuntu is basically the best. In other words, they are trying to saying that it is the most popular Linux OS for the cloud.

They are also trying to do the same thing for servers and desktops but it will take some time. Microsoft is even using Ubuntu on stage during a launch, which means it is trying to keep and expand the present market share.

Realizing that Ubuntu is simply the best solution for them, Microsoft is now encouraging people to use that operating system for their cloud needs.

“Ubuntu Server 15.04 (amd64 20150909) for Microsoft Azure. Ubuntu Server is the world’s most popular Linux for cloud environments. Updates and patches for Ubuntu 15.04 will be available until 2016-01-23. Ubuntu Server is the perfect platform for all workloads from web applications to NoSQL databases and Hadoop,” reads the official Marketplace entry. Besides that interesting tweet, this is a big step for Microsoft.

While Microsoft is currently riding the wave, only time will tell how far this new partnership will extend.