Microsoft offers free course to teach ‘absolute beginners’ to code Windows 10 apps

If you love coding but dont know how to go about it, heres your chance to learn it from the top tech firm of the world.  Microsoft is offering free ‘absolute beginner’ series of video lessons for anyone looking to learn how to code a Windows 10 app.

The course, which as said above, is totally free and will teach wannabe programmers to create Universal Windows Platform apps that can potentially work on a variety of devices including PCs, phones, tablets, a Raspberry Pi, HoloLens, and Xbox.

However you can only learn Windows 10 app coding if you know C#. If you dont know C#, Microsoft offers a separate free course called C# Fundamentals. C# Fundamentals teaches you basics of C# programming and approaching coding.

The absolute beginner course is laid out in two parts. First you learn the basic skills for creating simple apps. Then you create four separate full-fledged apps:

  • A soundboard to play funny sounds when someone taps on a tile.
  • A weather app, which does what you’d expect, along with some maps functionality.
  • An album cover matching game.
  • An encyclopedia of marvel characters, including Cortana integration.

The lessons cover everything from beginning your code to the final steps of submitting apps to the Windows Store.

If you are interested in developing a Windows 10 app, you can visit the website here for more details. Who knows, lucky ones may even be chosen by Microsoft to work for them. The series source code for each video is at