Ever thought of controlling your entire computer from your smartphone? With Microsoft Continuum, that is possible.

During Microsoft’s annual conference, the company showed off its Continuum feature that basically lets users control their entire desktop or laptop computer from their handsets. Using Microsoft’s latest flagship smartphones, which currently are Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL, users will effortlessly be able to control the functions of their computer. In order to create more presence of its Continuum feature, the software company has released an ad which highlights the power of this feature.

The one minute video explains that Windows 10 Mobile apps such as Edge browser, Mail, and Microsoft Office can be used on the big screen while the remaining applications can be used on the Windows 10 smartphone. Furthermore, users can continue working in applications like Word using peripherals such as a keyboard and a mouse. At the same time, they will also be able to reply to messages on their smartphone, which creates a whole new level of flexibility.

This is one primary feature that is currently not available in Android or iOS. However, if the feature ends up being popular amongst Windows 10 smartphone users, then we are sure that a different version will be presented by Google and Apple for its Android and iOS platform respectively. Before Microsoft Continuum was actually introduced, there were several pieces of information stating that the killer feature of Windows 10 will not be compatible on most Windows 10 powered smartphones because they do not possess hardware powerful enough to run the intensive feature.

We are going to have to wait for further updates to see if this is actually true or not but those users who plan or purchasing either a Lumia 950 or Lumia 950 XL will have absolutely no issue is using the feature. The latest ad showing the power of Continuum has been given below.