15 year old arrested and released on bail in the TalkTalk hacking attack

The UK based telecommunications major, TalkTalk was hit by a significant cyber attack which exposed personal identifiable information of about 4 million TalkTalk customers. Ever since the news of hack attack got public, there have been numerous claims and counterclaims. Earlier it was reported that the hackers belonged to Russia based Islamic jehadist network. After that the reports surfaced that the hackers had demanded ransom from the TalkTalk CEO, Dido Harding for not leaking the stolen data online. A news report also suggested that there was a hand of the revived LulzSec hackers in the hack attack.

A teenager from Antrim has been arrested in connection with the crime. The 15-year-old was taken into custody after an investigation by the Metropolitan Police cyber crime Unit, the PSNI and the British National Crime Agency.

The boy was detained after the NCA conducted a raid on Monday in Northern Ireland. According to the police he was questioned over the attack and a search of the premises by officers is ongoing. However, the police have released the teenager on bail.

“A 15-year-old youth, arrested in County Antrim yesterday as part of the investigation into the alleged theft of data from the firm TalkTalk, has been released on bail pending further enquiries,” said a northern Ireland police spokesman.

Meanwhile, TalkTalk shares have tanked more than a tenth of the value of TalkTalk on London Stock Exchange on Monday as traders reacted to the breach, the third cyber attack in eight months on the firm in which customers’ data have been stolen.

The company has said it is unsure how many of its four million customers in Britain were affected, but said that information including customer names, addresses and bank details could be at risk.


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