VAIO Has A Windows 10 Smartphone In The Works

VAIO was a successful brand that belonged to Sony until they sold it off. Before its sell off, Sony manufactured a lot of pretty successful computers which are popular even today. Earlier, VAIO which is privately held,  tried to test the smartphone market with the launch of their first Android smartphone.

After Android, VAIO now wants to dabble in Windows 10 smartphones. It seems that during a press conference in Japan, President of Microsoft Japan Takuya Hirano revealed a handful of partners who will be working on creating a series of Windows 10 smartphones, and as you can see in the photo above, VAIO is one of them (along with Acer).

Apart from Hirano’s word that VAIO is now planning a Windows 10 smartphone, there is no word regarding VAIO’s plans for a new smartphone, and more importantly what will this new VAIO Windows 10 smartphone will feature. However given the company’s somewhat lackluster efforts with their Android phone, we are hoping that they will have something a bit more impressive this time around.

If and when, VAIO does make a Windows 10 smartphone, it will be launched only in Japan.


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