Accounts in favor of ISIS have already been taken down, says this hacking group

Looks like this hacking group hates terrorist activities as much as we do

Following the attacks that took place at Paris that left a shocking 129 dead, Anonymous has decided to take charge and put an end to the malicious activities of these terrorists with the only way they know best; hacking social media accounts. According to the hacking group, then have commenced an onslaught that have allowed them to shut down over 5,000 Twitter accounts who are in favor of ISIS.

In addition, Anonymous has started to reach out to the masses and have begun to encourage them to search Twitter’s database and report anyone supporting ISIS. People who want to report the accounts belonging to the extremist group can pass on the message via the group’s new website called “#opIceISIS.” Currently, the site has been protected by a password, but it was available early Tuesday.

During the course of Monday evening, the hacking group also managed to collect a whole list of Twitter accounts and websites belonging to ISIS and have claimed to have already taken down some of those sites. Allegedly, they have leaked personal information about suspected ISIS members, posting their names and physical addresses online, which should prove useful if the authorities act upon vigilantly.

The crusade of Anonymous has been ongoing during the month of January, and since then, they have been able to take down nearly 800 Twitter accounts and 50 email addresses associated with the extremist group. However, shortly after the attack, the hacking group has scaled its hacking activities to a whole new level, which have proven to be much more fruitful than even before.

With these activities rising, ISIS might have effectively been barred from sending its messages across social media channels, but it is also high time that Facebook and Twitter joined hands in order to take these accounts down in order to increase efficiency.

Muhd. Omer cannot control his love for tech, so he became an author at Techworm to report on the latest happenings in technology, and to educate others


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