Anonymous vows revenge for Diesel the police dog martyred by terrorists

As you all know, the online hacktivist group, Anonymous a total war against the ISIS and its cyber outposts after the ISIS claimed responsibility for the gruesome terrorist attack in Paris which left 130 Parisians dead.

During a pre-dawn shootout with the terrorist in Saint Denis, the police dog, Diesel was shot dead by the terrorists. The French police conducted raids on a terrorist hideout in Saint Denis after receiving information that the Paris attacks mastermind, Abdelhamid Abaaoud was staying there. The shootout lasted 7 hours and the Police were able to kill Abaaoud. The police did not suffer any casualty but for Diesel the police dong.

Anonymous has vowed to continue hacking ISIS in revenge for the death of Diesel the police dog, killed by terrorists during a police raid yesterday.

A statement from the hacktivist organisation said: “We love people, we love you. We love Diesel, we love Lebanon, we love Paris”

In a newly released video, the Anonymous have warned ISIS and its supporters of revenge for the Paris attacks as well as killing Diesel.

The man in the Guy Fawkes mask says, “We can help though, and that is what we must do. We love people, we love you. We love Diesel, we love Lebanon, we love Paris.” He adds that, “We stand for you, and right now this means doing what we can against Daesh.”We’ll do it with or without you, as we always have, but we appreciate the support we get. ”

“Stay safe people. I hope that clarifies our position on and in #OpISIS.”

The hacking group has also leaked details of at least five men it claims are recruiters for the terror group, as well as taking down 5,500 Twitter accounts yesterday.

Anonymous activists also claimed to have identified a “high-ranking” recruiter living in Europe, but have not yet published an address.