Apple is not allowing Chaos Computer Club content on its platform

Chaos Computer Club’s Apple TV App not approved by Apple because it discusses jailbreaking

For some reason, Apple reviewing team is not allowing a tvOS application developed by the famed Chaos Computer Club of Germany to be released.  The Chaos Computer Club developed a tvOS application to bring talks from its portal to Apple TV.  The Apple was submitted to the Apple review team who refused to refused to release the app.

According to Apple the app is in breach of developer terms and conditions because it enables access to content of which the company disapproves.  One of the prime reasons for Apple’s strictures is  that the CCC’s app allows watching publicly given talks, which among others deal with security holes in the widely used Bluetooth technology, or help “jailbreaking” Apple devices.

CCC says that these very talks are available on many websites and even on YouTube but Apple has approved YouTube App.

The Chaos Computer Club is Europe’s largest group of hackers and a venue for people interested in all sorts of things from all over the world to meet. They usually meet in small gatherings but also in large conferences. The Chaos Computer Club has been creating videos documenting many of the given talks for many years.

Members of the Chaos Computer Club Frankfurt ( started a project, which aimed at making available to a broad audience in an easy and entertaining way content from the portal.

Even though all videos are available online on the Internet, the CCC-FFFM wanted to make them available to Apple users through a App for Apple TV. Kris Simon called the project “the Netflix of the CCC” referring to the accessibility of content.

CCC said that the App was rejected with a message within seven days after its submission. Apple cited“Program License Agreement PLA 3.2(e)” and refused to include the app on its platform because the content has information about hacking of Apple’s operating system.

CCC has released an open source version of the CCC-TV App on GitHub, which can be installed through the programming IDE Xcode.

Resource : UnThoughted.

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