This hack teaches you how to control your smart bulbs in real world from Minecraft

Are you a Minecraft game lover? If yes, then why not use it to control your smart light bulbs. Well, one bored hacker has just done that by hooking up his Minecraft game to a real-life smart bulb, that allows him to control Wifi bulbs using Micecraft.

The hacker, “Giannoug”, says he came up with the idea after stumbling upon a new modification called “OpenComputers”, which allows you to add real-life computers into Minecraft. It also allows to add peripherals such as monitors and keyboards, and the ability to communicate with “the real-life internet” into Minecraft.

He produced a computer inside his game by using it in combination with a few other mod programs, and then opened a TCP connection that allows the game to communicate with his “unknown, eBay sourced” smart bulb.

After creating a new world in Minecraft’s Creative mode, Giannoug built a PC monitor, disk drive and a switch, connecting it all with “redstone”, which is Minecraft’s equivalent of electricity. Giannoug used it to build a lever that turns his real-world lights on and off, when connected through OpenComputers to his Wi-Fi enabled smart bulb.

All the instructions have been published by Giannoug on his website, if you want to have a go yourself.


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