Looks like Silent Circle is planning on blacklisting one category of clients

In a world where everything is being closely watched by the security agencies, Silent Circle vowed to change the way people would be able to browse their smartphones without fearing that their privacy would be compromised. However, it looks like the company’s business model has ended up shooting it in the foot thanks to the recent terrorist attacks that took place in Paris.

According to a source, ISIS was able to respond to a threat from hacktivist group famously known as Anonymous. Anonymous has been on a rampage in reducing the influence of the extremist group as much as possible on the internet. Now here is the most interesting thing that you will read today. ISIS was able to reveal a list of devices and services that can be used by its members and supporters in order to stay away from the radar of agencies and governments. One of those devices was Blackphone, the smartphone developed by Silent Circle in order to safeguard the privacy of the user.

Naturally, Silent Circle was not too pleased upon hearing the news, since now it would be putting the company under the immense heat of investigation. Originally, Blackphone was used to prevent the snooping of government agencies, but ISIS has quickly used its features to fuel its own agenda. According to the US government, total encryption without any kind of backdoors does have adverse results because the technology can be used by individuals who have malicious intentions, such as the one that we horrifically witnessed not too long ago.

Despite the fact that Silent Circle has been put in a very difficult position, the company is most likely going to keep its clientele very different and will most likely take steps to ensure that the product they are selling to the individual ends up using it to just to protect their own privacy and not be a part of a terrorist organization. Looks like we will be hearing more from the company in the near future but for now ISIS will no longer be able to purchase Blackphone in the future.