This guy has a insanely long password and a redditor just figured it out

Most iPhone users generally opt for a passcode to keep their data safe. Mere mortals may opt for a four or six digit number which they use as a passcode without any worry. However this gentleman has kept a really loooong passcode to keep his iPhone safe from prying people. It is left to our imagination as to what he might be storing on his iPhone that requires such a long passcode.

A Twitter user with a handle Yossi1999116 tweeted this on 7th November and it went viral with around 20K retweets and 17K Likes. However, it is not known whether the iPhone belongs to him or the video is his.

A redditor, JonasBrosSuck cracked the passcode and posted it on Reddit. According to him this massive passcode is 19771231119992525526221151041041881041911073923021501231287365. While another redditor surmised that the iPhone owner’s birthday is on the New Year’s eve from the passcode.

So much for having a really loooong passcode!