This is how Sikh Man’s Selfie Was Photoshopped To Resemble A Paris Attack Terrorist And Shared By An ISIS Channel

Anti-GamerGate critic’s image photoshopped to show he was one of Paris Attacks terrorists

Veerender Jubbal was a hounded man after the Friday’s horrific Paris attacks. Jubbal’s photoshopped selfie was circulating on social media platforms declaring him to one of the terrorists involved in the grisly massacre of 130 Parisians.

Actually the original picture of Jubbal featured him standing in a bathroom in front of the mirror, taking a selfie with his iPad. This was then changed and edited an unknown person to add a suicide-bomb vest to Jubbal, change the iPad into a Koran, and add a dildo into the corner of the photo.

The image was first shared by @abualut8 on Twitter with a caption that read: “BREAKING, one Islamic State attacker in #ParisAttacks was a Sikh convert to Islam.” The tweet has since been deleted. However it was picked up by many social media participants and main stream media.

So much so that it was even shared by a pro-ISIS channel on the Telegram app. It was the same app that the terrorist group used to claim responsibility for the Paris attacks.

Sky TG24, an Italian news channel offshoot from the mega telecommunications company Sky, was among the list of media outlets that fell for the hoax, tweeting the picture out to over 1.98 million followers, as well as featuring the picture in a live news video which described Jubbal as a kamikaze. The picture of Jubbal was visible live on the left-hand side of the screen, whilst live reporter footage was broadcast on right. The photoshopped dildo in the corner of the photo was visible throughout the full 5 minutes and 30 seconds of airtime.

Jubbal who is a Canadian resident, soon took to Twitter to clear the maliciousness that was touting him as guilty:

Jubbal is an active participant of the GamerGate controversy that created quite an uproar last year over the promotion of sexism in video games.

Many social media followers attempted to defend Jubbal and create awareness about the hoax.

While his gamergate opponents used the opportunity to rub the salt in.

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