This spy drone can fly indefinitely

Boston company launches spy drone that can fly on indefinitely

CyPhy Works, a Boston based company has come up with a solution for long battery life of drones. It has just launched the commercial version of the Persistent Aerial Reconnaissance and Communications (PARC) drone that is capable of aerial coverage and true HD footage for as long as you decide. The drone’s permanent connectivity provides unlimited power, thereby, providing unlimited flight time. Though, of course, where it can fly is distinctly limited.

For a while now, the military has been using it to monitor its compounds. However, the company managed to raise $22 million in an investment round that allowed it to manufacture the product for commercial release. PARC can fly up to 500 feet above ground level or 10,000 feet density altitude and it never has to land. Thanks to a microfilament attached to it that can simultaneously power the drone and transfer data. Also, the high altitude capability enables long distance communications and extends visual reach.

The microfilament manages to be strong enough to reel the drone back in if necessary, while being thinner than a headphone cable. However, the drone does also have an onboard battery in the event of a microfilament failure. CyPhy Works explains, it will “safely and autonomously return to its launch site.” The system is interoperable with existing unmanned systems, sensors, and battle command network.

PARC has limited mobility, as it is fastened to the ground. According to CyPhy, PARC is most ideal for reconnaissance work and long distance communications relay. No information regarding PARC’s pricing and availability have been disclosed by the company. For more details on PARC, you can visit the company’s website.

Sneak peek at PARC specifications

  • Payload Capacity: 6lbs of 0ft DA; 4lbs of 10kft DA
  • Max Operating Altitude (AGL): 500 ft
  • Max Density Altitude: 10,000 ft
  • Wind Continuous/Gust: 25/35 knots
  • Payload Power: 35 watts
  • Data Rate: 10 Mbps
  • Payload Interface: Ethernet
  • Operational Temp. Range: 0 to +120 F
  • Power Options: 2KW 85-265 VAC, Grid or Generator

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