Five ways in which you may find out what information does Google possess about you

Since Google has become the synonyms with Internet, the whole science of advertisement has somewhat changed. But one thing has remained unaffected-Threats of your personal information being leaked or sold to some ad-company. We are here with some ways you can know upto which extent your details are being kept.

1.Account Login Details

Using Google you can actually check all your account login details that will include all the device details with which your account is logged in. And also the location of the device where your account is logged in. And your can use this service at the page Google Security with your  account.

2.Google Dashboard

This is one of the cool feature of Google where you can see all the summary of your Google account in a single place. This will include all yours calendar records, your contacts details, your sync bookmark, your cloud printed documents and lots of things that you will get to know when you use this. So visit the Dashboard to see all these details.

3.Google Ads you clicked

This is one of the cool thing that keeps track on your internet ads interest activities, with this you will get to know about the ads that you had clicked and all these will be categorized according to their type and you can see all your clicks interest. So visit Google  Ads page today.

4.Recent activity on Web or Apps

This is the another cool feature that allow user to check out their searches keyword that they had used in some of apps and with that you can have a look on the most used or searched keyword by visiting the   Web & App Activity Page.

5.Location History

One of the best feature that  provided by the search engine website to user is the location history. This feature can be really helpful when you want to find any missing person by checking its location history. You can manage each and everything easily. You may like to visit Google Location History.

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  1. Google uses cache file to show adds… And it shows adds on whaetever we search before visiting any page…

    Is it true??

    • It’s not cache, actually. Cache are files stored on our computer to help our browser loads pages faster. They are never stored on Google’s server. Google only uses our browsing history to make a prediction on things we like. Based on this prediction, they show ads to us. It can be at anytime, not just before visiting a page.

      This whole process is why I personally don’t let Google keep my browsing history. I use VPN Asia ( to keep Google away from using my data. So should you.


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