Anonymous Trolls ISIS with Photoshopped Images and Memes on Twitter

Anonymous Twitter account trolling the ISIS symporters with memes and photoshopped images

The online hacktivist group, Anonymous has now found a new way of protest against ISIS in addition to exposing social media accounts of users sympathetic to the so-called Islamic State group. It is well known that the hacktivist group has so far shut down thousands of their Twitter accounts and other online platforms and published a noob guide to users to undermine ISIS propaganda websites.

The latest method being employed by the on of the Anonymous twitter accounts is trolling ISIS supporters with photoshopped images and memes. Since yesterday evening YourAnonNews (YAN), one of the largest Anonymous accounts on Twitter with 1.59 million followers started tweeting some photoshopped images and memes to troll the ISIS’s supporters.

Here are some of YAN’s choicest troll tweets which will have you in splits.

Trolling ISIS could help Anonymous draw more Internet users in its support for the war against ISIS.

An affiliate of Anonymous, GhostSec had defaced ISIS’s dark web website with a viagra advert and asked the terrorists to calm down.

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