Apple wants Samsung to pay $179 million more in patent fight for copying its design

Apple wants another $179 million from Samsung for patent infringement payoff

Apple and Samsung are at loggerheads once again. The iPhone maker has filed for another $179 million in supplemental damages and interest against Samsung, which is another bill it wants the Korean company to pay. The supplemental damages and interest come on top of the original $548 million Samsung finally agreed to pay earlier this month to end the first patent infringement case between the two rivals.

The figure is based on unit sales figures of the five devices that Apple cited in the first patent infringement suit that Samsung continued to sell after the verdict was reached over three years ago. As a result, Apple wants to get paid for sales of those devices dating from the day after the first verdict was announced on August 24th 2012, to present. The company took amount of the verdict that each of the five devices was responsible for, and calculated how much it should receive for each additional unit. Those figures were then applied the number of each device sold after August 25, 2012. US District Court Judge Lucy Koh officially granted the motion late yesterday.

After about $1 million in interest, the additional total that Apple is looking to extract from Samsung is $179 million. On Wednesday, Apple filed with the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California, asking it to force Samsung to pay them that amount.

The five devices listed by Apple’s court filing include the Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket. Apple says that Samsung owes it $6.14 million for additional sales of the device following the verdict. Other models cited by Apple are the Samsung Epic 4G Touch ($97 million), Samsung Galaxy S II T-Mobile ($74.7 million), Samsung DROID Charge ($620,000) and the Samsung Galaxy Prevail ($167,500).

If Apple is awarded the full amount, it will bring Samsung’s total payout for infringement to less than $750 million, far less than the profits it made over the past four years by studying Apple’s designs and then documenting its process of “slavishly copying” them as closely as possible, despite being fully aware that those designs and technologies were ostensibly protected by patent law.

Just for those who are not following this case, Apple won a $930 million legal victory over Samsung in 2012, and after plenty of courtroom back-and-forth, Samsung eventually paid out $548 million earlier this month. The two actually went at it in court again over allegations of patent infringement in Samsung’s newer devices, but that didn’t make nearly as much of a splash.

Apple and Samsung are devoted supply chain partners, with Samsung supplying vast numbers of components and providing large scale chip production for Apple such as the A9 chipsets for the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. However, the company is expected to lose Apple’s A10 chip production next year to TSMC.

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