This Christmas Eve You Can Track Santa From Any Device

This is how you can track Santa’s annual journey Live on NORAD and Google

It’s that time of the year when Santa is on his annual journey to follow Father Christmas and his reindeer throughout the world. So, how do you track Santa’s annual voyage around the world from your PC, smartphone, or tablet?

Santa has officially begun his annual trek around 10 a.m. UTC on December 24, which is 5 a.m. Eastern/2 a.m. Pacific, which means you can already track Ol’ Saint Nick across the Earth’s skies. Here’s how you can track Santa’s 2015 journey.


The North American Aerospace Defense Command’s (NORAD) has been tracking Santa’s progress since 1955. This is a special year for the NORAD Santa tracker and Microsoft, which has been its partner since 2012, as it will be celebrating 60 years since a misprinted telephone number in a newspaper ad led children in the Colorado Spring area to call NORAD predecessor CONAD looking for Santa.

As usual, the fun begins at, where you can find games, videos, music, and stories to pass the time. The website will track Santa using Bing Maps and link to video updates on YouTube, once Santa’s sleigh lifts off from the North Pole.

Microsoft Windows users have the option of visiting directly in their browser or downloading the app from the Windows Store. You will also find apps for Windows mobile devices, iOS, and Android.

You can follow NORAD’s Santa tracker on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and YouTube, if you want to get updates about Santa on social networks.

The Googley Old Elf

Currently, in its fourth year of being launched, Google’s tracking site has been offering peeks at Santa all month with its own version of an Advent Calendar. Google’s Santa tracking site includes a blend of games, videos, and educational activities using Google services leading up to the official Santa tracking on Thursday.

While the site includes many old classics, like the always amusing Santa phone call greetings and coding challenges, it also includes a few new items as well.

For those, who do not wish to use Google’s website, the company is offering its Android app with Chromecast support so that you can watch Santa on the big screen. Or you can use Google’s Santa Tracking app with Cardboard to get virtual.

Chrome users can install Google’s extension to get timely updates without having to navigate to Google’s webpage. Google’s also built Santa tracking into its search engine. For example, if you type “where is Santa”, you will get an update at the top of the results page.

Finally, to have a 3D cartographic experience, you can track Santa using Google Earth. Check out the Google Earth Blog for more details.

International Space Station (ISS) Christmas Eve 2015

You will be able to see the International Space Station pass over the UK on Christmas Eve. Virtual Astronomer has worked out that this year the ISS will pass over the UK in the late afternoon, rising in the west at 4.42pm, passing low in the sky and setting in the south east at 4.50pm.

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