Hacker leaks massive customer dump after failing to get $3 million ransom from a bank

After failing to get $3 million ransom, hacker dumps customer details of Invest Bank, UAE online

A hacker going by the name of ‘Hacker Buba’ hacked into the Invest Bank of United Arab Emirates a week ago.

After stealing the customer details from the banks website, Hacker Buba demanded a ransom of $3 million in bitcoins. However, when the bank did not comply with his demands,  he appears to have dumped tens of thousands of customer files online.

Apparently after failing to get the ransom, Hacker Buba started tweeting the bank customer details.

The Twitter account of Hacker Buba which has since been deleted has tweets about bank customers, mostly of corporate accounts, that was reportedly stolen from Invest Bank.

He told Mazhar Farooqui, editor of the Dubai-based XPress newspaper, that if he wasn’t paid $3 million in Bitcoin, he’d keep leaking that information. One bank executive confirmed the hack to Farooqui, adding that, “This is blackmail.”

Hacker Buba initially used Twitter handle @investbank_2, though it was quickly deleted. But late Tuesday night and then again on Wednesday, approximately 50 seemingly unrelated Twitter accounts began tweeting the same message, which included both the name Invest Bank and a link to a site, signed Hacker Buba, that had six zip files given above.

According to DailyDot, Hacker Buba hacked into Invest Bank and temporarily stored the stolen information from there on the website of an eastern European basketball team.

DailyDot says that the stolen data seems to be legit and includes the sensitive information of around 40,000 customers, including their full names, credit card numbers, and birthdays. One account contained 4,7174,962.38 dirham, or $12,844,589.77. Those accounts’ total earnings add up to $110,736,002.

Other databases show information for other customers, and include detailed transaction histories.

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