Have You been Pwned? Has your email been hacked after Tesco, Ashley Madison, Sony data breaches?

This website tells you if your email has been leaked in ANY big website hack

2015 has been particularly bad in respect with cyber attacks. Such attacks have affected millions of users with their email addresses being leaked or stolen. While some of these emails may have been used for phishing the victim others could have been sold off on the dark web.

In recent years data breaches have been experienced by huge companies including Tesco, Adobe, Ashley Madison, VTech, Adult Friend Finder, Sony and Minecraft Pocket edition.

If you are worried your details might have leaked in high-profile website hacks such as TalkTalk and Adobe – where millions of addresses were leaked online? Or are you just curious whether your other half was using infidelity site Ashley Madison?

The site HaveIBeenPwned lets you enter your email address and see instantly if your details were leaked in ‘big’ hacks mentioned above.

If your email account is there, the screen will turn red and it will inform you that your email has been leaked as part of ‘dumps’ posted online by hackers – and if you’ve reused that password, you could be in trouble.

The website of the same name will help put minds at ease. It contains 66 ‘pwned’ websites which can be accessed here.

The latest data breach was at VTech involved the exposure of 4.8million accounts belonging to children, who had logged into the mini tablet.

If you discover you’ve been affected,it is advisable to change your password. It is also advisable to keep separate passwords for different services.

The website address is https://haveibeenpwned.com

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