Is Facebook taking the fight to Google by refusing to show YouTube links in FB timeline?

With the tech industry becoming highly competitive, companies that rely on advertising revenue as their major growth factor have started to play foul ball with other companies whose business model relies on advertising revenue as well. Well this time, it looks like Facebook and Google are going to have a long clash ahead of each other because according to Reddit user, he, or she states that they could not open a YouTube link on Facebook, indicating that the developers employed at the social networking company had used a new algorithm to prevent users from visiting the popular video sharing and streaming website.

Given below is the statement of the Reddit user, who goes by the name of InternetOfficer:

“Facebook is displaying ridiculous reasons for blocking youtube videos even on private messages although you can upload the same video to Facebook videos and link them.
The latest one I got is that youtube description has “” in its content.”

According to the user, you will not be able to view the video if it has been sent to another Facebook user via the messaging service of the social networking platform. However, if you link the video on your wall, and then share it with them, then they will be able to view it comfortably. While Facebook is attempting to increase its own presence, think about all the video uploaders who spend an enormous amount of effort, time and other resources in uploading such content in order to be paid a portion of the revenue that YouTube earns.

While Facebook is attempting to increase its own social presence, it is these video uploaders that end up suffering the most. We expect that Google is going to reply in kind, with the best possible way being limiting Facebook’s search results, forcing the user to punch in the exact URL of Facebook’s website in order to login. While Google has not commented on such a thing, nor Facebook as to why it is doing this, we are sure to see some repercussions of this act in the future.


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