Now it’s hassle free to buy legal hacking gadgets online

It is very simple to purchase legal hacking gadgets online

With the rise and improvements in technology, many of our devices have become connected, thereby increasing its chances of becoming a victim of cybercrime. You make things worse, a number of tools that can assist a hacker break into anything from your WiFi network to your car are readily available online.

Let’s have a look at the eight gadgets that anyone can legally buy online and use it for hacking.

Break into office buildings with this pricey kit that can read and clone RFID tags

The Proxmark3 Kit priced at $430 allows users to read and clone just about any RFID tag. Radio-frequency identification (RFID) is the wireless use of electromagnetic fields to transfer data, for the purposes of automatically identifying and tracking tags attached to objects. The tags contain electronically stored information.

Found in many items like security badges, wherein the RFID will emit radio waves to allow you entry into your building only when activated by a reader.

RFID readers, such as the Proxmark3 Kit, read those radio waves and then clone that signal to unlock the door.

A device costing $100 built by a 29-year-old hacker allowed him to break into a GM OnStar car

The gadget built by hacker Samy Kamkar, is made up of only a few key components, including a $40 Rasberry Pi computer and three radios, all of which are available for purchase online.

The user needs to simply attach the device somewhere on the targeted car. The gadget will transmit valuable information to the hacker the moment the owner opens the OnStar mobile app within WiFi range of the vehicle, which can be then used to unlock, locate, and start the vehicle.

This $30 device can unlock many cars that do not require keys to enter the car

The device, known as the RollJam, also created by Kamkar, takes advantage of a flaw in keyless cars. When a button is hit to unlock the car, it sends a unique access code that will never be used again to do so.

When the device is placed on the car, it obstructs and stores the code sent to unlock the car by the owner. After doing his for two times, the driver to finally allowed to gain access the third time the code is sent.

But by intercepting and storing two access codes, the gadget can be used to unlock the car at a later date.

This $130 software-defined radio allows the hackers to wirelessly break into a car

The device can make and pick up frequencies, like Bluetooth or WiFi, which allows it to pick up the same frequency a car’s key fob sends to unlock the car.

Key fobs uses a unique code to unlock doors. The hacker can perform a “brute force” attack to guess a code that will unlock the vehicle, once this device has the frequency that code is sent over.

This USB Wireless Adapter costing under $40 helps hackers to break into any wireless network

For any WiFi hack, a USB wireless adapter is very important, which can be easily bought online from Amazon.

This adapter supports packet injection, which lets it search and access WiFi networks from hundreds of meters away. Amateur hackers can learn how to use the device to breach networks by going through the tutorials that are readily available online.

This $13 adapter can also be used to break into WiFi networks

It too supports packet injection to search and access WiFi networks from hundreds of meters away, which can be purchase online from Amazon for $12.83.

MagSpoof is a $10 device that allows hackers wirelessly imitate any credit card or magnetic stripe

A strong electromagnetic field is generated by the device that quickly turns on and off to imitate the magnetic field normally produced by swiping a credit card. If you put it up to any traditional credit card system, it will lead it to believe that a card is being swiped.

This palm-sized device can wirelessly steal data from a nearby laptop

Built by Researchers at Tel Aviv University and Israel’s Technion Research Institute for less than $300, the device called PITA (Portable Instrument for Trace Acquisition) can allow someone access to encrypted data by listening to the radio emanations of a computer from 19 inches away. It then gathers stolen data to send via WiFi to your computer or store on a SD card.

While it may not be on sale, the researchers explain how they made it in their report here.

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  1. These is just a bitch pls idea to make people fool those who are hacker from origin they would never buy products from these websites cause if you ordered from this site then you are giving address and an identification and if the new hackers hacks something then it will be easier to catch them with those little clues atleast the person who received the order LOL


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