Do you want more friends and followers on Facebook? Here is the ultimate way

Getting Facebook friends and followers is a big challenge for every FB user. Some even go to the extent of buying fake friends from illegitimate sources. Rehan Allahwala from Karachi has found perfectly legit and innovative way to increase the number of people befriending and following him on Facebook. How?

This :

He put up a giant billboard in Karachi in Urdu asking people to add him on Facebook. Allahwala put up his photo and details to his Facebook account, asking people to add him. He also stated on the billboard that he wishes to have a million Facebook friends.

Not that Allahwala is unknown on the social media. He has a decent number of followers on Twitter, some 25,000 odd people.

Rehan runs Rehan School”which is a mobile phone video based learning system that allows anyone to get literate, who has a mobile phone which can play songs or videos & work without the internet.”

Hats of to Allahwala for his innovative ad for Facebook friends. It remains to be seen whether his marketing is successful and he is able to reach is million Facebook friends goal.