How to play your favourite PC games on Android smartphones and tablets

After reading this article you will be able to play your favorite PC games on your Android smartphone or iPhone

Ever wished how amazing it would be to play a thrilling PC game on a smartphone? We have brought about some helpful stuff.

Remotr is the best way of remote PC gaming on your Android phone, tablet or TV, anywhere, anytime.
With Remotr you can access and play your PC games on your Android mobile device for free, enjoying the same performance and visual quality as if you were playing the games directly on your computer. With Remotr game streaming you can play absolutely anything – as long as it starts on your PC.

Remotr is designed with gamers in mind – the app is built to provide smooth streaming and short reaction times for even the most graphic intensive games. Remotr includes control presets for popular PC games. Of course, gamers can modify and customize their own controls for each game. Remotr also supports gamepads – including XBox 360 and PS4/PS4 Dualshock.

With Remotr you can
* Play your computer games from your Android device or your iPhone
* Enjoy awesome game performance,
* Customize and configure controls,
* Connect multiple devices at the same time,
* Use accelerometer to control your games,
* Play local co-op games with your friends using only smartphones/tablets

* Download the free Remotr streamer from the website
* Windows 7, 8.1 or 10
* Internet connection is needed to use this app.
* Graphics cards with DirectX 10.1 hardware support (all modern GPUs).

(Nvidia GTX 660 / ATI Radeon 7700 or better graphic card is recommended for best performance (~60fps)).

Setting up Remotr:
1. Download Remotr Streamer App for Window 7 or 10.

2. Install Remotr Streamer in your Window PC

3. Click on Create new Account and register your account on Remotr website.

4. Download Remote App in your Android mobile (or iPhone).

5. Login in with your account in Android mobile.

6.If your mobile and PC are connected in the same network, you will see your PC address in app.

7. Select your PC and then select Games you want to play.

8. Configure Control settings according to your need.

Here are the video demonstrations to further assist you.

Which are the best games according to you which are “must play” on smartphone, let us know in the comments.

Abhishek Awasthi
Abhishek Awasthi
Continuous improvement is better than delayed perfection -Mark Twain.


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