Smartphone users are ok with their nude being leaked but not their bank details

Surprise! Most smartphone users are ok with their nude pics being leaked but not bank details

Avast, the antivirus company, recently conducted a survey across 11 nations to determine what is important to smartphone users when it comes to information. The survey found that a majority of smartphone users find financial or bank data more damaging than their private moments exposed out in the open web.

“When asked if people prefer to have someone access their nude photos or bank account information, it was interesting to see that in all countries, the vast majority said it would be less painful to have someone access nude photos,” according to the survey. The US led the way with almost 77 percent of respondents saying they’d rather have their nude photos exposed over their financial data. The UK came in second, with 72 percent. Argentina, Brazil, and Mexico checked in at about 50 percent.”

India is interestingly ranked at number 4 in the list with 68.57 per cent of respondents okay with nude pictures getting leaked online than their bank information.

More than 23,500 smartphone users participated in the telephone poll taken by Avast in October. The survey also revealed that despite concern about overall privacy of their personal data, a majority of the respondents even locked their devices. The poll also found that despite them being more concerned about their financial privacy, people locked their photo apps over their banking apps.

With an increase in global concern about mass surveillance by government agents, the survey revealed that government did not rank as the prime fear of intrusions.

“In most countries, smartphone users are the most afraid of cybercriminals. Strange enough, in countries including Argentina, Brazil, France, India, and Russia, mothers rank first. Government spying ranks second in the US, Mexico, Germany, and the Czech Republic,” according to the survey.

WhatsApp topped the list in the most protected apps list, followed by photo gallery, and Facebook at fourth. Chrome browser, files, contacts, and text messages were the least protected apps.

The survey concluded, “The majority of smartphone users are worried that someone may access the personal data they keep on their smartphones, especially their financial information. This concern is justified, as a considerable number of respondents have had someone stumble upon their private information in the past.”

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