Here are the 25 iPhone features that are truly, really hidden

Here’s are 25 hidden features in Apple’s iPhone which you didnt even know existed

The iPhone is a multimedia enabled smart phone designed, manufactured and marketed by Apple Inc. The first of its kind was introduced in early 2007 and since then it has gained great popularity among its users. The smartphone has a variety of complex and advanced functionalities and its use has always left the users delighted. It can function as a camera phone, portable media player, visual voicemail and can be used for text messaging. The device has been used on several occasions as an internet client in web browsing, email and Wi-Fi connectivity. Just like the iPad, navigation through the device’s capabilities is through its wide multi-touch screen enhanced with a visual keyboard. Through the App Store launched in the year 2008, users can be able to search and install applications on the device to enhance some capabilities. The applications may range from social networking, reference, games, GPS navigation and advertisement features.

At the moment, there are approximately four iPhone model generations that have been accompanied by four major IOS releases. Each release has embraced more features in terms of storage capacity, installable applications, visual and audio media and the camera capabilities. However, the original Iphone has shaped the screen size and keyboard placement which has persisted throughout in the later models. The iPhone 3G has 3G network capabilities as well as A-GPS location. A compass, higher resolution camera for photos and video and faster processor were integrated in the iPhone 3GS model. The coming of the iPhone 4 introduced better features. The device has higher resolution display and dual cameras which can be used for face time video calling. The user interface is enhanced with graphical features to demonstrate the functionalities that can be achieved.

In this article, we are going to bring to you 25 “hidden iPhone features” that are really, truly hidden and mainly hidden in the Settings app that basically we would not look into unless required.

Let’s take a look at 25 hidden iPhone features:

Redial: To make the last dialled number appear, press the green call button on the keypad screen in the phone app.

Clear cache: Using a secret trick, you can make your iPhone run faster by clearing out the cache in numerous Apple’s apps. Tap on any single tab icon at the bottom of the screen 10 times in a row in the App Store, Podcasts, Music, Game Center and Phone apps.

Make TouchID work faster: TouchID will work much faster if you the same fingerprint multiple times as different entries. This is particulary useful on older phones like the iPhone 5s and iPhone 6.

Spotlight conversions: For easy conversions, just open Spotlight and type something like “50 euros in GBP,” and it will immediately carry out the conversion.

Spotlight math: No need to open the Calculator app to do a quick math problem. Just pull down to open Spotlight and type it right there.

Delete numbers in the Calculator: You can delete single digits when you tap the wrong number by swiping left or right on the screen where the numbers appear.

Clear RAM to make your phone run faster: Until you see “Slide to power off”, hold down the power button and then let go. Later, hold down the home button until the screen goes blank and your home screen reappears.

Burst mode: To shoot in burst mode, hold down the camera’s shutter button.

Remote shutter: To snap a photo in the Camera app, use the volume up or down button on your headphones.

Turn the flashlight off: To turn off the flashlight, you need to simply swipe up on the camera icon on your lock screen.

3D Touch while drawing: All of the drawing tools and the eraser are pressure sensitive in the Notes app.

Close multiple apps at once: To open the app switcher, double-tap the home button and then you can use two, even three fingers to slide multiple apps closed with one swipe.

Recently closed tabs: To open a screen that lists all of your recently closed tabs, simply tap and hold on the + symbol in Safari on the tab carousel view.

Desktop version of a site: Just hold down the reload button in the URL bar to request for the desktop version of a site.

Peek at tabs: A 3D Touch will let you peek at the tabs that you wish to open in the Safari tab carousel.

Peek at bookmarks: You can use 3D Touch to Peek at bookmarks before you open them.

Edit reminders: To edit the time or add a location, 3D Touch an item in your Reminders app.

View only unread emails: To see only unread emails in your inbox, tap the Mailboxes link in the top right corner of the Mail app and then tap Edit. Tap the circle next to “Unread” and you will get a new folder that comprises only your unread emails.

Save a draft with one swipe: To save a draft, tap on the subject line and swipe down to the bottom of the screen in the Mail app.

Quick Reply: Without leaving the screen you are on, pull the notification that indicates you have a new iMessage or SMS at the top of the screen downward for quick reply.

Hidden level(s): Open the level by sliding to the left in the Compass app. Then with the screen facing away from the ground, place your phone flat to reveal a bubble level.

Artist Peek: 3D Touch an artist in the Music app to Peek at their music.

Renewable Low Power Mode: You will receive a notification on your lock screen that Low Power Mode has been disabled, as it automatically shuts off when you charge. To turn it back on, swipe left on that notification.

Find an iPhone’s owner: To return a lost iPhone to its owner, you just need to simply ask Siri, “whose phone is this?” and it will show you so you can get in touch with him or her.

Reachability: One of the best new feature of iPhone, you need to double-touch (don’t tap, touch) on the home button and the entire screen will shift down so you can reach the top without shifting your grip.

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