Anonymous help teen by unmasking a bully who battered him for $50

Anonymous hackers unmask bully caught battering young teen over $50 debt in shocking footage

The online hacktivist group, Anonymous has been known to go out of the way to help netizens who are in trouble. Anonymous recently unmasked one such bully who was beating a teenager for unpaid debt of $50. Anonymous took notice of the incident when the video of the teen bully battering the teen who had not paid back the debt of $50 (£25) to the bully.

The Anonymous hackers  served justice under ?#?OnePunchCanKill?  by reportedly leaked the personal details of an alleged teenage bully. The hacking group published a video on Facebook of the attack along with the alleged assailant’s home address, phone number, social media accounts and his parents and grandparents details.

The hackers said in a message: “If you don’t want your personal details all over the internet, stop bashing people.”

Coming back to the bully battering the teen, the video, filmed in Victoria, Australia, shows a teenager in black t-shirt approach a boy in bright green and punch him several times in the face and ribs.

The cowering victim falls to the ground as the bully continues to punch and kick him and tells him he “wants his $50″ (£25).

The beating was severe that the beaten boy required hospital treatment according to a report on 7News.

Based on the video, the Anonymous members identified the boy and published his details with a statement. The Anonymous wrote: “It has come to our attention that a video showing a guy hitting another guy who clearly shows fear gets hit numerous times, kicked and punched and has his ribbs [sic] broken all over $50 that the victim say’s he was going to pay the next day.”

“The video is quite unpleasant and you can hear his ribs break as he screams. So who is this tough guy?”

Not only Anonymous, several Internet users took offence to the way the bully was beating up the boy. After the video surfaced, the 15-year-old attackers Facebook page has been inundated with abuse and threats of violence, 7 News reported. Another person reportedly even threatened to firebomb the family’s home.

In response to Anonymous’ leak, the bully himself posted a response on Facebook, claiming the boy he beat up had stolen from him and his friends, branding him “a compulsive liar”.

The bully’s mother told 7 News that her son had learned his lesson “the hard way” and had already been arrested and charged over the attack.

He is due in children’s court at a later date.

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