Axis Vidius: Meet world’s smallest camera equipped drone

Meet Axis Vidius, world’s smallest quadcopter(drone) fitted with camera

Drone-specialist Axis has unveiled “Vidius,” the world’s smallest camera-equipped drone. It is a tiny quadcopter that measures roughly 1.7 inches and fits into the palm of your hands. The on-board camera is able to capture and stream video in 420p (640×480 resolution), giving pilots the ability to snap images too.

The Axis Vidius weighs under 0.55 pounds and its users don’t need to register with Federation Aviation Administration (FAA). Axis Drones calls its Vidius model to be the world’s smallest drone fitted with a video camera.

It is capable of flying up to 100 feet away. The Axis Vidius comes with a 6-axis gyro stabilisation and can do 360 degree flips and rolls while streaming videos. The live video feed is passed on to your device through a Wi-Fi connection and can be recorded and shared right from the free Vidius Drone App to social media, blogs, messaging, email and more. You can even control it straight from your Android or iPhone.

The 150 mAh battery lets the user keep the Axis Vidius drone up in the air for approximately 5-7 minutes and is able to go from empty to fully charged in just 20 minutes. It further comes with a 2.4GhZ controller and users can pilot it with a smartphone or tablet.

The Axis Vidius is also fitted with LED lights for night time flying and drone orientation.

The drone is available for pre-order for $75 until January 7, after that is at $95. It is expected to ship on or before January 29, 2016.

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