Microsoft update bungle continues as its latest KB3119142 for Windows 10 installs continuously again and again

It seems that Microsoft engineers are not happy if they release an update without any bug. Or maybe they count on the bungling update as a lucky charm of sorts. The buggy update regimen from Microsoft has happened earlier and it continues with the latest KB3119142 update for Windows 10

The KB3119142 update issued by Microsoft for Windows PCs and laptops keeps reinstalling itself even though it appears to successfully deploy at the first attempt.

In a thread started on Microsoft Community forum, an user said that KB3119142 installed successfully on his PC but then installs itself 4-5 times a day for last week. Other users confirmed that the KB3119142 update installs repeatedly on users’ computers even though the same update seems to install correctly.


One user noted, “This installs successfully. But I happened to see that it appeared to be updating again. I checked the update log and found that it is installing itself 4-5x a day for the last 5 or so days. If it was successful, why does it do this?”

Many other users noted that, while the update installs successfully at the first attempt, it then fails to install at every single retry. Another user noted on the forum, “My error is slightly different. Windows update shows KB3119142 to have successfully installed on 13/01/2016 but that installation failed on 15/01/2016. It is not listed in Control Panel | Programs and Features | View Installed Updates. Windows update was hanging at 0% downloaded.”

As usual, Microsoft is yet to comment on the bug that is causing this update reinstallation problem. As on now the resourceful Windows 10  community has not found any workaround for this unique problem so if you’ve already successfully installed KB3119142, you should hide the update in Windows Update to make sure it doesn’t try to re-install in the future.