Snowboarding was so old school, meet the new Droneboarding

While snowboarding was definitely an exciting activity, both in terms of leisure and sport, droneboarding is definitely the new level of activity that is going to take the world by storm. So how does this sport work exactly? It involves the use of two very important paraphernalia; a drone capable of pulling large amounts of weight for a long amount of time, and of course a snowboard.

Seeing as how droneboarding is an evolved variant of snowboarding, the location where you will be practicing the sport will definitely have to take place in an area where there is heavy downpour of snow.

On YouTube, a father was successfully able to capture footage of his son tethered to a fully capable drone with the child having a firm grip on the zip line that was attached to aerial machine and his feet planted onto the wakeboard. The only drawback to this sport right now is that since commercial drones have yet to popularize at this scale, you can see in the video posted below that it does not pack quite a punch as you would have hoped, pulling the child at an awfully slow pace.

However, we are confident that in the near future, where aerial machines become much more powerful and less expensive due to supply and demand, such equipment will be used in more frequency than ever before, and we are confident that it will pave the way for a new type of sport that will eclipse the thrill of wakeboarding.

For now, we have to admit that we are slightly disappointed which what we saw, but things will definitely get better in the future right?



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