ISIS, you do not want to mess with the master of search engines

Anonymous might be doing its best to curb the presence of ISIS on social networking platforms, but even it does not have as much power as Google to put an end to their propaganda activities. The company with the most popular search engine is going to be keeping the terrorist group at bay by limiting them to the Dark Web, an area where the tech giant does not have much control. Google’s head of ideas, Jared Cohen spoke on the idea of online propaganda and how tech companies, who have a sizable command over the internet, can do to put their activates to a halt, at least over the visible side of the internet.

We are confident that in the near future, companies like Microsoft, Mozilla and Yahoo will also be contributing in putting the activities of ISIS to a halt since these companies also feature their very own web browsers. ISIS, which is also known as Daesh, or ISIL has accumulated several talented personnel, which is why they have been able to increase their online presence. Cohen believes that while tech companies can definitely put a huge dent in their progress, he does admit that there is a very slim chance of Google and others driving terrorist organizations offline completely.

This is because apart from social networking channels, ISIS would most definitely have gained a huge presence on the other side of the web, a side which majority of us do not traverse through. The executive states the following in explaining his and the company’s mission:

“What Isis is doing is reflective of the times, as opposed to some sort of new sophistication that magically appeared. But while the digital front is more complex, it could be where we can see greater short-term wins, so we should not neglect it.”

By severing these social networking accounts, ISIS would only have one mouth piece to communicate through and that would be the Dark Web. The Dark Web is an area where law enforcement agencies happen to be snooping around as well and with their combined efforts, they can easily slow down the progress of ISIS. We will see how Google manages to limit their activities but we can be happy that finally someone has realized how big of threat ISIS has started to become online.


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