Turkey’s Criminal Court Sends a Young Hacker to Jail for 334 Years

This may be a world record of some kind for the guys at Guinness World Records. A 26-year-old hacker has been sentenced to 334 years in prison for identity theft as well as mass bank fraud in Turkey, or in simple words, he has been sentenced to life in prison.

26 year old Onur Kopçak was arrested in 2013 for operating a phishing website that impersonated bank site, tricking victims into providing their bank details including credit card information. Kopçak’s clone website was used by his gang for credit card fraud scheme. Turkish citizens were tricked into believing that the site belonged to a bank authority and parted with their credit card information.  Kopçak had 11 other partners in crime who used the data collected to fraudulently to cash out mega bucks.
After his arrest in 2013, Kopçak was charged with identity fraud, website forgery, access device fraud and wire fraud. The court found him guilty of these charges and and sentenced him to 199 years 7 months and 10 days in prison based on complaints from 43 bank customers.
However, after his sentence was ordered by the judge, more evidence poured in and 11 other bank customers filed complaints about payment card fraud. The police had enough proof to order a fresh trial. During the fresh trial, which was concluded on January 10, the Mersin Third Criminal Court of General Jurisdiction further added another 135 years to Kopçak’s original sentence of 199 years 7 months and 10 days in prison, Daily Sabah reported.
With the addition of these 125 years to his original sentence, Kopçak will be spending a world record 334 years in jail.
With a total of 334 years in prison, Kopçak is now atop of the list of the hackers with the biggest prison sentence, by far. In previous cases, rarely did a hacker get over 20 years in jail, this being the maximum to which sentences ever got.


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