Its official, 123456 is still the most widely used password followed by ‘password’

People still trust “123456” and “Password” as their passwords even after so many cyber attacks.

Seems like Internet users have either a very short memory or are not worried about the security. Despite the fact that 2015 saw a record cyber attacks including hackings and data breaches, Internet users are still opting for 123456 as their password. According a new research by SpalshData, many of us are still using dumb passwords like 123456, ‘password’ football and baseball.

SplashData has published its fifth annual list of the most popular passwords used online in North America and Western Europe during the 2015 found that, once again, “123456” and “Password” came out on top as the people’s choice.

SplashData’s report is compiled from millions of leaked passwords revealed during the year. The report also reveals that people use sports and film titles as their passwords because they are easy to remember.

The list of passwords based on popularity and their rank in 2014 is given below :

  1. 123456 (Unchanged)
  2. password (Unchanged)
  3. 12345678 (Up 1)
  4. qwerty (Up 1)
  5. 12345 (Down 2)
  6. 123456789 (Unchanged)
  7. football (Up 3)
  8. 1234 (Down 1)
  9. 1234567 (Up 2)
  10. baseball (Down 2)

As said about, films play a major roll in users deciding on their passwords, The list suggests that the newly released Star Wars : The Force Awakens has helped influenced many people’s choice of passwords such as “solo,” “princess” and “starwars.”

The top eight passwords consisted just of numerical characters making it easy for hackers to hack into the user accounts. If the trend continues, the hackers and cyber criminals could have a field day hacking your accounts.

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