Li-Fi is the future : New Generation iPhones Could Carry Li-Fi Technology

A recently discovered code in iOS suggests that the future iPhone models could feature Li-Fi technology that boasts of transfer speeds, that is 100x times faster than a standard Wi-Fi connection. For those who are unfamiliar with Li-Fi, it is a technology capable of transmitting data via light.

Apple has left some clues inside iOS that could indicate that future iPhone models will be at the forefront of the movement to Li-Fi. Since data is transmitted at extremely fast speeds using pulsating streams of light, the technology could be used in the future to replace Wi-Fi. Appleā€™s move to introduce this technology is pretty solid since it might be beneficial as the first mover advantage.

Under controlled lab conditions, researchers were able to strike Li-Fi speeds of 224 gigabits per second, which is rapid enough to download mixed HD cinema in less than two seconds. With Li-Fi, the same light bulb that brightens your living room can be used to transmit data to your phone. That is because Li-Fi uses visible light. However, the lights can also be lowered to such a degree that might be unnoticeable to users; and still carry the data.

Since iOS 9.1, the library cache files inside the OS mention “LiFi Capabilities” right next to other capabilities. With Li-Fi, the light from the source is received by a light sensor, which converts it into an electronic signal that is read by the phone.

However, don’t expect Li-Fi to be offered in the Apple iPhone 7, as the technology is still undergoing testing. The code seems to be present in iOS 9.1 since its release and after all this time, it has finally been discovered.