Next Generation Warfare: Russia Unleashes Cyborg Rats To Fight Against Terrorists

So far, countering terrorism is being done in various ways and while some have proven to be effective, it has resulted in several countries exhausting their monetary resources in order to do. However, the latest research being conducted by Russians shows that by implanting a microchip into the brain of rats, it will transform them into a cyborg operative who will be thoroughly capable of infiltrating the most impregnable facilities. Due to their small size and sheer numbers, it looks like the Russian scientists might have discovered the craziest, yet near perfect way to curb terrorist activities taking place around the globe.

Rats already possess a heightened sense of smell, along with extreme agility, not to mention that they can traverse in water, making them the perfect soldier to infiltrate ‘hard to enter’ locations and learn about the next move that can actually result in devastating ramifications. However, with the implanted chip, rats would also be able to decode information flowing into the creature’s brain, allowing the handler of the enhanced rodent to detect the smallest traces of substances that the rat would have otherwise ignored.

The primary objective of the Russian scientists is to establish a connection between a rat’s brain impulses and the scents that the animal perceives. It will still take quite a long time for rats to be officially (or unofficially, depending on how sensitive the operation is) deployed at the terrorist location, primarily because the microchip is yet to be perfected. Additionally, scientists will also have to make sure that the electrical signals sent to the rats’ brains are actually controlled since a large amount of shock could actually incapacitate, or worse, kill the poor animals.

Furthermore, there is one more obstacle that needs to be scaled quickly; it takes around two to three months to train these rats, and a fun fact here is that rodent’s life expectancy barely exceeds one year. Scientists are looking to drastically reduce the training regime of these animals, along with perfecting the microchip necessary to make them the ultimate soldiers of espionage.