Smartwatches can reveal what you are typing

This video reveals that smartwatches are watching you very closely indeed

With smartphones and tablets a ubiquitous entity, naturally it will draw a lot of attention to malicious hackers. However, a product preceding the convenience and technological ingenuity of these mobile devices are wearables and before you ask, not many people ponder over the security of wearables. However, this video is going to change all that because thanks to the latest research, smartwatches can actually reveal what you are typing.

Despite the fact that smartwatches might not be able to store passwords, or that their owners refrain from doing so, Masters student by the name of Tony Beltramelli has proven that those things are not going to matter one bit. Studying at the IT University at Copenhagen, Beltramelli shows that our smartwatches can actually give away information about us that we did not know it had to begin with.

According to Beltramelli, he refers to this as deep spying. In a nutshell, deep spying is when hackers can access the gyroscope and accelerometers on our wearables and can actually deduce what we are typing based on the tiny motions our wrists makes as we type. That data can then be processed, after which it would become easy pickings in order to deduce what exactly we wrote. This can actually have detrimental outcomes, particularly those people who have come under the radar of hackers who only care about making a quick buck through evil means.

They can do that by figuring out your PIN to your ATM, or password to your bank’s website, and several other logins. If someone was having any doubts on Beltramelli’s claims, then there is added support provided by the University of Illinois. He Wang, who is one of the lead researches stated that when a user is typing at a keyboard, his wrist motion; even if it is vibrating in the slowest manner possible can be used to deduce what the individual is typing.

Take a look at the video below and you will know exactly what we are talking about.

Muhd. Omer cannot control his love for tech, so he became an author at Techworm to report on the latest happenings in technology, and to educate others


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