Here are the top 5 ways to download Torrents anonymously

With these 5 ways you can download Torrents without anyone ever knowing

Recently, there is an increase in privacy services sought by customers due to the spike in the number of BitTorrent users looking for ways to keep their identities secret from the outside world. Discussed below in the post are services that are completely free to the ones that cost several dollars a month. While the paid services can get you the same speeds as the regular connection would, on the other hand, free services are normally slower or have other limitations.

Listed below are some of the most-used services that allow BitTorrent users to hide their IP-addresses from the public.

Why Would You Want To Do Anonymous Torrenting?

Although, torrenting isn’t illegal itself, but downloading copyrighted material on BitTorrent is considered illegal. Copyright holders are aware of this fact and actively seeks people who share their copyrighted work. As for torrenting without encryption, it reveals your true identity and IP address, and can they track your ISPs and launch complaints against you and your ISPs, in turn, throttle your internet speed, sends you warning letters on copyright’s holder’s behalf. In worst cases, takes you to civil court for compensation (in theory at least). To avoid such penalties and to download torrents anonymously is to encrypt your BitTorrent traffic.


VPN is viewed as a good way to ensure privacy while using BitTorrent as found out by many BitTorrent users. You can route all your traffic through VPN servers, hide your IP address from the public by paying just a few dollars a month. While there are some VPNs that also offer a free plan, but these are considerably slower and not suitable for more demanding BitTorrent users.

VPNs unlike the other services are not just limited to BitTorrent traffic, they will also hide the source of all the other traffic on your connection too. VPNs that are popular among BitTorrent users are BTGuard, Torguard and PrivateInternetAccess, but you should be able to find a lot more on Google search. It is suggested to ask in advance if BitTorrent traffic is allowed on the service of your choice.


BTGuard is a proxy service that hides the IP-addresses of its users from the public. As the name already suggests, the service works on Windows, Mac, Linux, which is configured explicitly with BitTorrent users in mind. Users can also set up their own client to work with BTGuard besides using the pre-configured client. It works with all clients that support “Socks V5? proxies including uTorrent and Vuze. Additionally, for the real security purists, BTGuard also includes encryption tunnel software.


A similar service to that of BTGuard, Torrentprivacy is another proxy service for BitTorrent users. With all the necessary settings pre-configured, it offers a modified uTorrent client. However, the service is limited to users on Windows platforms, which is the flipside of this approach. In business for more than two years, TorrentPrivacy is operated by the team.


Used for torrent transfers exclusively, a seedbox is BitTorrent jargon for a devoted high-speed server. Users normally get very high download speeds with seedbox while their IP-addresses are not shared with the public. The users can download the files to their PC through a fast http connection once the download has completed.


The Anomos team describes its project as “Anomos is a pseudonymous, encrypted multi-peer-to-peer file distribution protocol. It is based on the peer/tracker concept of BitTorrent in combination with an onion routing anonymization layer, with the added benefit of end-to-end encryption.”

Anomos is one of the few free multi-platform solutions for BitTorrent users to hide their IP-addresses. However, as Anomos uses its own atorrent format, it is not fully compatible with regular torrent files, which is the downside of this service. Another disadvantage is that the download speeds are normally lower than regular BitTorrent transfers.

More than 1,600 people have asked on the uTorrent Idea Bank for the Anomos protocol to be built in to a future uTorrent build, making it the second most-common suggestion in general.

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  1. Thank you! The Anomos tip in particular is a good one. But is it OK that Anomos uses Tor? I thought the Tor network discouraged BitTiorrent use?

    Using a VPN is my top choice and much can depend on the VPN provider you choose. Here’s a good guide on using one VPN in particular as an anonymous torrent VPN,

    “Cloud torrenting” with services such as Bitport (free!) and zBigz are also good methods too.

    Keep the great information coming on how to download torrents anonymously!

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  3. It’s definitely a good idea to use a good VPN service anytime you are downloading or using public WiFi. Without a VPN you expose yourself to hackers. I travel for work so not only do I need it for downloading but for when I am using wifi in hotels or airports. I have tried several different VPN services and the best one for me was , I had tried pureVPN and PIA but I ended up switching to SafetyIP. Oh and for sure do not use a free one, they are not worth it, you get what you pay for comes to mind. Just keep in mind that you need to find one that doesn’t do any logging, has a kill switch of course worldwide servers.

  4. I have a dout on Vpn and Bitguard
    Since Torrent being a Peer to Peer System Untill u start Downloading ur Anonymous but as u get Downloading Started
    I think Vpn Wont be able to Keep ur identity Hidden from ISP!!!
    A few days ago I had read about this on you Techworms Page About this I guess .

    • This would be frustrating to vpn users if it’s true. I have Astrill and I am always confident that my torrenting is safe with it. Please update us on this one!


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