We waste 3.5 days of our lives in untangling of headphones

Shocking Fact : We waste 3.5 days of our lives untangling headphones

According to a post by Edward Aten, we would spend a total of 3.5 days untangling headphones over the course of our life. No wonder why Apple is looking to kill the headphones in its future phones.

Aten decided to do the math to see how much time is wasted when we endlessly try to untangle our headphones. So, what did he do to arrive on that number? He calculated the time spent untangling headphones by assuming that he averages four untangles a day: 3 quick untangles at 4 seconds each and one long untangle at 20 seconds.

The quick ones are estimated to take 4 seconds, while the longer ones take 20 seconds. In other words, this means that we spend 32 seconds untangling headphones on a daily basis.

On an average, if you have been wearing headphones for 6 days a week for the past 8 years and plan to work for the next 30 years with wearing headphones, then that would equal to 9,360 days.

The Results:
299,520 seconds untangling headphones.
4,992 minutes.
83.2 hours.
Nearly 3.4666 (rounded up to 3.5)

While surely this may look like a case of exaggeration since some of us may take less time to untangle our headphones. However, if there was ever a case for buying a pair of wireless headphones, maybe this could be it.

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