Anonymous doxxes blogger who wants to legalise rape

Hacktivists Anonymous turn their ire against “legal rape” group Return of Kings

The online hacktivist group is involved in many cases of carrying out Internet vigilante justice against pedophiles, racists, whaling industry etc. This time the hacktivist group has turned its vengeance against the legal rape blogger Daryush  Valizadeh aka Roosh V.

Roosh V has been a proponent of legalising rape. He is the founder of a group called Return of Kings and a self confessed anti-feminist crusader.

Return of Kings has scheduled meet-ups across the state for 8 p.m. Saturday. Click the gallery to see some of the most offensive things Return of Kings has said. Photo: Return Of Kings

For years, Return of Kings has been called the “worst blog on the Internet” and a “vile troll site.” They were even dubbed misogynistic “garbage” by the Ottawa mayor on Wednesday. With its fat shaming, racist commentary and degrading write-ups about women, the site’s aggressive reputation preceded its meet-up announcement, prompting the hashtag #TurnAwayReturnofKings.

Recently Valizadeh invited his group members to an international meetup day, the announcement caught the eye of Anonymous. Valizadeh told members, known as “tribesmen,” to be careful after the meetup announcement caught the eyes of hacktivist group Anonymous.

“Heads up to all forum members: change your emails immediately,” Valizadeh tweeted to his nearly 19,000 Twitter followers on Wednesday. “Hacking group that works for media is incoming.” The tweet has since been deleted.

This did not deter Anonymous who went on to post the address of Valizadeh’s family to Facebook, along with other exposing information.

“Anonymous doxxed by family’s address. Whatever I’ve done in life, they don’t deserve to be harassed or harmed,” he tweeted.

For some reason Facebook has deleted the doxxing info however the doxxed info is still available on Ghostbin.

Looks like Facebook took down our Roosh V post.

Posted by We Are Anonymous on Thursday, February 4, 2016


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  1. Where were all you slactivists when Miss Krist Milburn publicly called for a reduction of the male population to 10% and an International Castration Day? Hypocrites


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