Anonymous releases a set of proposal to United Nations for protection of whistleblowers

Anonymous releases a draft proposal for protection of Whistleblowers to United Nations

Whistleblower are a pain in the the neck for governments around the world. If it were in the hands of the governments, they would have shot such whistleblowers at the very moment they are identified. Edward Snowden survived such vindication because of massive support from people around the world however not all are as lucky as Snowden. Therefore the online hacktivist group, Anonymous has come out with a set of proposal for United Nations to formulate a policy for whistleblowers.

Anonymous has pledged to uphold the freedom of Internet and it includes protection of journalists, rights activists and whistleblowers. The Anonymous proposal for United Nations, available here, offers has 5 sections.

Information Protection

Anonymous has proposed that United Nations open a sovereign data server which will be out of bound for all countries. They say that such a server can protect the information leaked by whistleblowers. They propose that the server should have a military grade encryption and provide anonymity to the whistleblower.


Most of the times, whistleblowers risk their everything in trying to protect what they deem to be right. As in case of Snowden, sometimes they have to even leave their country of birth and work to protect themselves from hostile governments/authorities. Anonymous proposes that United Nations should compensate such whistleblowers with some income to take care of their housing, food, clothing and medical care.

Legal Protection

In most of the cases, when a whistleblower leaks information, he/she automatically becomes a enemy of the state. In most cases, the whistleblowers are not even provided with basic legal help. Anonymous proposal states that United Nations provide such whistleblowers with all legal help they need to protect themselves from hostile authorities.


Most of the times, information leaked by a whistleblower is censored through media coercion or take-down requests in case of online publication. Anonymous proposes that United Nations appoint a team of experts to verify such information and publish it along with their analysis on a fully protected website.


Most of laws enacted by United Nations go to dustbin for lack of enforcement. Therefore Anonymous propose that United Nations strictly enforce the whistleblower protection law.  To enforce it, United Nations can exclude such countries who dont protect their whistleblowers from important schemes. Anonymous proposes that the UN can even impose financial sanctions against the such countries.

What do you think about this draft proposal? If you have any opinion/point which you did like to add to above points, feel free to mention them in comments below.

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  1. We need something different from a centralized server or TOR.

    We need decentralization,
    And we need untainted technologies.
    We need to use the state of the art of decentralization of third party trust authorities to achieve it.

    We need full and complete untainted, autonomous, geopoliticaly neutral crypto-anarchist technologies to achieve it.


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