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Australians greedily lap up Telstra’s free data day

Australians greedily lap up Telstra's free data day

Australians gobble up more than 1,841 terabytes of data abusing Telstra’s free data day offer

Greedy mobile service providers never give anything for free but when they do, even the most thriftiest of data users go bang on to make full of such offer. This is what happened when Australian provider Telstra offered customers unlimited downloads for a whole day.

Telstra decided to atone for a network outage last Tuesday with the launch of “Free Mobile Data Sunday.” The free mobile data day was truly free as there were no restrictions on what could be posted, browsed, shared and streamed, allowing Telstra customers to gobble up a record 1,841 terabytes of data in 24 hours.

In a statement, Telstra said that its customers downloaded 1841 terabytes of data, which is equal to about 2.3 million movies or 5.1 million episodes of Game of Thrones. It wasn’t all sunshine and downloads, however, as the volume of traffic reduced speeds in some parts of Australia.

“As we anticipated, the high demand meant some customers had slower than normal data speeds on 4G services, but overall the network performed as designed,” Telstra group managing director networks Mike Wright said.

Some people like redditor, DrRodneyMckay played a big part in that big data download. He gobbled more than 421 gigabytes. Freed from a 1.5 Mbps ADSL broadband connection, DrRodneyMckay claims to have downloaded all 25 seasons of How It’s Made, numerous other TV shows and backed up his entire Steam library (all 172 games) to offline storage via his tethered LG G4 (which peaked at 168 Mbps). Not bad for a day’s work.

Another user, Michael Pearson used Telstra’s offer to download full library of Xbox games.

Hope that mobile operators world over come up with such kind of marketing strategies every now and then.


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