Bill Gates Dancing at Windows 95’s Launch Is the Best Video You’ll See This Year

If were to summarize Bill Gates of Microsoft, you did probably have an image of a geek with specs and all the gizmos. But Bill Gates has a dancing side too. However that seems to around 21 years ago.

That 21 years ago was when Microsoft launched its most hyped and big budgeted marketing campaign for release of its new operating system Windows 95. The release was a massive success. Microsoft sold seven million copies within the first five weeks of its launch and Windows 95 quickly became the number one operating system on the market.

The press conference had Bill Gates dancing which is hard to come by now a days. The video has been shared on YouTube and is gaining traction again as people tune in to watch Gates’ incredibly happy and awkward celebratory dance performance.

A year ago, Gates was asked if he’d want anything removed from the Internet, Microsoft’s founder Bill Gates pointed to this picture. We feel that he would soon add the above video to that list.