Hackers deface JNU website to protest against anti-India slogans

Hackers breach JNU website to avenge anti-India slogans raised in the campus

The pro-Afzal, anti-Indian sloganeering has whole of India on the boild with many Indians siding with the government for cracking down on the demonstrators. They seems to have found a new ally in form of hackers who hacked the JNU website and defaced it with a pro-Indian message.

Yesterday a group of hackers defaced the JNU website’s central library home page as a mark of protest against “anti-India” sloganeering by one of the university’s student bodies.

On opening the link lib.jnu.ac.in (currently it gives a 503 error), one was greeted with a picture of the Indian flag’. It is accompanied with a song from Lata Mangeshkar’s evergreen patriotic hit “Aye Mere Watan Ke Logon” playing in the background.

The hackers also had a terse message for the pro-Afzal brigade. The missive by “Indian Hackers Online Squad” asserted that “Pakistan will never get Kashmir”.

The message left by the hackers read, “So, as you said ‘Kashmir ki aazadi tak jang rahegi-jang rahegi’. You are thinking that you will get Kashmir just by barking in the campus of JNU.” It also referenced an earlier defacement by the hacker group of Bilawal Bhutto Zardari’s website back in October 2014. Back then too, the reason for defacement had been the Pakistan People’s Party chairman’s comment on “getting back” Kashmir.

“As I also told Bilawal Bhutto that without any violence let me tell you that Pakistan will never get Kashmir. This is the truth. You have to accept it 🙂 So anti-national elements at JNU should also accept that Pakistan will never get Kashmir,” read the message.

One of the hackers from the group that defaced the library page, who goes by the alias “Bl@ck Dr@gon”, told TOI over email: “Only the library site was targeted and the reasons behind the hack were anti-national slogans that students of JNU raised in their protest.”

The message on the defaced page also invoked the soldiers of the Indian army. “To all the leaders who are saying that we have the freedom to speak anything and supporting the JNU incident, ask to those widows (sic), ask to those mother (sic), ask to their children whose husband, son, father (sic) sacrificed their life for the nation. At least show some respect to your motherland or at least your parents,” the message said.

The defaced page also carried a meme-like picture of actor Sunny Deol with a caption promising to eliminate “all Afzals”. This was in response to the reported slogan, “Kitne Afzal maaroge har ghar se Afzal niklega (How many Afzals will you kill, one will emerge from every house)”.

Ironically this is the first Indian website that the hackers have hacked and defaced. The prime motive of the Indian hacking groups has been to take down websites belonging to government and businesses in neighbouring Pakistan, mostly in tit-for-tat hacking wars.

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