The founder of Android will give you a free dashcam, but there is a catch

Want a free dashcam? Then listen to what the founder of Android has to say

Andy Rubin, who is regarded as the founder of Android, has an offer that you will most likely be unable to refuse; getting a free dashcam for your car. Why would you want one? Well, if you are keen on looking out for traffic while you are driving, then you will need something as necessary as a dashcam to make your life less painful when you are behind the wheel.

However, as magnanimous as Rubin might be in giving you a free dashcam for a vehicle, in this world, nothing comes for free, as the former Google employee has made it quite clear.

Rubin will get access to your data, and some might feel that it is a trade-off in the consumer’s favor, but others will be quite careful in keeping their personal data available to their eyes only. What exactly will Rubin be doing with your data? He essentially plans to create a real-time Google Street View. According to Wired magazine, the following has been stated:

“When pressed, he says he is in fact working on a dashcam, which he plans to give away in exchange for its data — potentially allowing Playground to build a real-time visual map of the world.”

Will people be compelled to undertake his offer? Looking at how Google continuously collects your data in order to make its services better in terms of experience (it also opens up a lot of questions regarding people’s privacy), it should not be too difficult to convince people that they are getting a free dashcam in return.

However, with the recent revelations provided by Snowden suggesting that government agencies are doing whatever they can to get every nook and cranny detail out of your personal life, some people would want to protect that data.

Regardless, companies already have majority of your data packed with them so in light of all the recent events, it would honestly not be a bad deal if you were to get a free dashcam.


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